Playing With A New Design at Stitchknit

New design by StitchknitI had time to myself.  No, that isn’t right at all.

I had time away from home & the responsibilities that entails.  (the 89 yo twins!)

Took my foster kiddo to the dentist for a routine cleaning………..and they were running at least 30 minutes late.  I know I was the ONLY one who was thrilled with that bit of news!  I had taken both knitting & crocheting……….with 3 different possibilities of things to do.  I was set to wait for HOURS!

This little flower was the first thing I chose to play with.  I made 2, and need to keep working on this idea.  I love the look, but the feel is a bit floppy.  Thinking a smaller hook and bigger yarn might solve this issue.

There is more waiting on the schedule tomorrow (foster kiddo taking a field trip on the commuter train to Seattle) so I’m going to take supplies to see if I can get this to be a bit firmer.

side view of crochet rose by Stitchknit


This color of yarn always proves problematic to me too.  Hot pink turns into flaming fuchsia & I can’t tell why.  Crocheting is easy compared to taking a photo of this little creation.

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