Matching Plaids

I’ve just completed a plaid shirt for a client. Not just any plaid shirt, either!  This one was from a vintage piece of wool, brought home from a trip to Scotland I believe………… least 30 years ago.  Lovely fabric. The kind I can get lost in.  Soft wool, fine weave, beautiful shades of blue, dark green, a tad of red and white, all on a black background.

As I worked on this project, my head kept going back to memories of an instructor I had ………….decades ago.    Myrna Hillyer.  What an amazing woman. I took tailoring from her, for all three years of high school.  (back in the dark ages, when something like tailoring was even offered)    Mrs Hillyer was an artist first, and she taught us all, how to get the ideas out of our imaginations and onto fabric!

Back to the plaid shirt:

Matching Plaids

Not the best shot, but I have been racing for deadlines here in the sewing studio & seem to be operating on a few less brain cells than necessary!

This just doesn’t show all the finer points I incorporated in the shirt.  Thanks to those tailoring classes & Mrs Hillyer, I was matching the front button band to the shirt, the collar to the under collar, the under collar to the yoke and the yoke to the fronts and the back.  Then, there was the sleeve.  Yep, matched to the shirt body!  And right down to the cuff area, the sleeve placket matched to the sleeve.  I had such a great time thinking about learning all these details!

I hope I told this creative teacher of mine, just how much I loved her classes!   I think I can say I remember everything she taught me!  Right down to the little details like matching plaids!  (even AND uneven plaids!)


3 thoughts on “Matching Plaids

  1. wow… not a big plaid person, but I can see just from that one sleeve how very fine the tailoring is and how much love you put into this shirt. I assume it’s for a guy… lucky guy! BTW: The black and white stripped dress is perfect! Thanks for fixing it! It’s too cold to wear it now… but soon…. hopefully!

    • Thanks Melinda!

      Loved working on that shirt, it brought back some sewing memories…. Fun times. I remember our final exam one year, was a toddler sized dress, needed to be plaid, with buttons, collar, sleeves, cuffs and I can’t remember what else!

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