Played with Yarn This Week

I’ve been caring for my aunt the last couple weeks, which translates to LOTS & LOTS of time spent in doctors offices.  This was the result of a very long appointment for some testing  on Thursday………….A pair of fingerless mitts with flowers!


Pink Mitts with Flower Motif by Stitchknit           These are so warm & cushy.  And, they seemed to be a perfect canvas for a couple of my crocheted flowers I’m still obsessed with.  Add a tiny little flower shaped button for the center of the motif and I was happy.

Both mitts are done, just waiting to be added to the shop.

With the extra care-giving, all the added end of school year activities for my foster kiddo and trying to get the veggie garden going………………I’m operating on a slower schedule than I’m used to.


2 thoughts on “Played with Yarn This Week

  1. What a lovely way to spend time while waiting for someone for whom you are caring. For those without a shop, it’s a great time to make small projects like preemie hats, chemo caps, lap blankets, and other charitable contributions. I’m never without my crochet hook and a skein of yarn. With a large bag, the yarn can be held in the bag on my arm, so even if I am standing, I can still crochet.

    These are absolutely beautiful, and I love the flower!!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I agree, I never go anywhere without my knitting &/or crocheting project. I had so many things with me for that LONG appointment, I truly was weighed down with bags. My aunts bag, her required lunch bag for break time, and all my projects! People must have thought I was staying for a week!

      I have projects I’ve “named” with what the medical condition was! ie; An afghan that was moms knee replacement………..socks that were my aunts hip surgery, etc. I’ve never managed to work standing up however! My hat is off to you!

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