On The Needles Here at Stitchknit

As usual, I have many projects in the works.  (not even counting the crocheting or sewing ones either…………that will be another post entirely)

Handmade Socks; A Hug for Your Feet

Socks for Me This Time!

I’m well into Sock #2 on this pink pair of socks that are for me!  I don’t knit many things for me, but I am totally addicted to hand knit socks.  They truly do feel like a Hug for your feet!

30 Scarves in 30 Days at Stitchknit

First Piece for the 30 Scarves in 30 Days Facebook Feature

I’m starting early, hoping to put away 30 different scarves & cowls for a September feature on my Facebook page.  This is a boucle yarn, that knits up looking almost chenille like.  Soft to touch, but this will hold its’ shape I think.   I’m having fun lining up the ideas, patterns & yarn for the 30 scarves!  Would appreciate any ideas of great looking scarf ideas or patterns!

Finishing E’s Sweater!

At least, I hope I can finish this sweater.  When I received the knitting bag, the back was complete, and the front was within inches of being done.  The question is, do I have enough yarn to complete 2 sleeves and a bit of a rolled collar?  As soon as I get the front on stitch holders, I will measure out the remaining white yarn, then divide it in half for the sleeves. I’m planning on knitting them both at once, so I can be sure to have yarn for 2 sleeves!  If there isn’t enough white for the collar, I’ve got almost a whole ball of the peacock color.  Spent most of my time on this project, trying to figure out where E. left off and what size she was making the sweater!

Can’t believe I only have three projects on the needles!  🙂  Better be looking for at least a couple more!


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