On The Needles (or hook) Part 2

I knew I had more projects in the works, when I posted a few days ago.  I don’t keep my projects all in one place……..    It’s more like all over the place.  🙂  There are small project bags in the van, in my purse, next to any chair that is good for knitting and there are usually a couple items in the studio here, waiting their turn for finishing or pictures.

Of course, as soon as I posted, the other bags started cropping up!  Here’s a couple other projects:

Silk Shawl

Silk Shawl; Crocheted by Stitchknit

Copying a pair of knit booties


Just started this baby blanket. Not sure if this is a ‘keeper’

And, now that I’ve got these listed here, I know of 2 others!  Must be a knitting bag still in the van!  I started a knit scarf, with a slubby sort of thread type yarn.  Love the yarn!  But, as I got a few rows in, I seriously want to add beads or sequins to it I think.    Back to the drawing board on this one.  Might finish it and then embellish it, as the slubby things would be tricky to thread anything over.  Hmmmm………

The other is a project that is set up, not started.  Another baby blanket, crocheted this time.  I found a blanket & pattern here, that I’m dying to make.  Love the colors, love that it isn’t predictably “baby” looking!

Can’t wait to get started on a version of this!

And, there is another…………..no pictures, but it is a crocheted slouch hat in black.  Just like this one in green!


I’m assuming there are other projects in various stages around here.  I do finish all of them.  Or, on rare occasion, I fall out of love with something and it gets re-worked into a new something or other.  But, there are no projects that are just shoved behind closed doors………never to see the light of day again!




2 thoughts on “On The Needles (or hook) Part 2

  1. Thanks for the visit and follow on my blog. Nice projects! I crochet more than I knit, but hopefully my knitting ability will catch up with my crochet, so I can post more knitting projects on the crochet/knit blog.

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