I was so behind, here in the studio, I was doing everything but sleeping & eating in the sewing room!  I had been caring for my aunt for several weeks, and I was enjoying lots of knitting time (while in waiting rooms) but the sewing orders were impossible to keep up with!

This is the cutting table. I promise, it is under there!  Tonight, is is almost cleared off, with the orders complete & hung up………..bagged, labeled and ready for pick ups this week.



This week, I’ve managed to catch up. I’m no longer working towards appointments that are for the same day…….heck, I’m even caught up for the next day.  I feel so much better.  I’m almost ready for the appointments I have scheduled for Monday! (one more simple alteration and Mondays orders are done)


I’ve still managed a bit of knitting/crocheting time and have the Blackberry Salad Baby Blanket coming along.  Still loving this one!

It’s not growing as fast as I’d like, but I’ve been too busy sewing!

Listed another of the crocheted slouch hats tonight.  This one has been done for awhile, I just couldn’t take a picture as that usually happens on the cutting table!  🙂

Can’t believe June is half over already.  I’m not good with numbers, but the months are flying by and it will be September before I’m ready for my Facebook 30 Scarves in 30 Days promotion.  I’ve got one completed.  One.  I do have one on the needles, a lovely cabled scarf in a dusty purple.   At this point, the promotion will be one scarf FOR 30 days!  Not what I had in mind at all.  I didn’t ever say which September!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Progress

    • I have room for another table, but hated to give myself another excuse for filling up more space! I have a new hanging rack, and now have the separators, so I can hang the orders. That should help.
      The picture I took has been a BIG motivator! 🙂

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