My New Favorite Store

Since I truly can’t stand shopping, having a favorite store is a bit of a stretch.  No, I didn’t make a run to the mall…………

I ordered from WAWAC,  a new to me company and I’ve just received my first order.  I’m hooked.

Thread was the reason for the order, as I’m dangerously close to running out of white thread for the serger.  But, I found a few other things I just had to have too.  More bobbin boxes (because I refuse to have anything just lying about on the sewing tables. …………garment bags (because it’s usually raining in the Seattle area) some new hand sewing needles (as mine seem to grow legs and walk away!).

Customer service must be high on WAWAC’s list of priorities, as they were working overtime to see that I was happy.  The first surprise was a call from the company, asking if I was happy!  The box arrived before I had even expected it to be shipped out.  And, an added little surprise…………there was a gourmet cookie in the box with my supplies!  Kind of reminds me of some Etsy shop owners!  Giving each customer the “Nordstrom Experience”.

Bottom line:  If you need anything at all for your sewing room, give WAWAC a try.  At the very least, you’ll get a great cookie!  🙂





2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Store

    • Dangerous, huh? 🙂 I ordered a few things I truly didn’t need too………but will. And, as soon as I ordered, I thought of a couple things I should have added to the order. Had to go out & buy them locally.

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