Success on the Pattern Search

After posting a couple of days ago, searching for a pattern, I’ve had some great suggestions of blankets like this one………….  But, after checking on Etsy, I found the exact pattern from Adi Keren.


Having a new pattern and NOT starting to play around with it, takes WAY more self-control than I possess.  🙂  I know I have some luxury cotton somewhere (I haven’t perfected the yarn storage system here at Stitchknit) but, can’t find anything close.  So, kitchen cotton it is.  Not bad, just not very soft & cushy.  Found a hook that is oh, so close to the recommended size and I’ve completed these two flowers.

Flowers for baby blanket






By my count, I have hundreds & hundreds of them left to go!  Daunting tonight.  Perhaps I’ll look at it differently in the light of day?




Besides being side tracked by the Flower Baby Blanket pattern, I’ve got more sewing, knitting & crocheting on my plate than I can seriously keep track of.  Not complaining, not at all.  But, I’m doing a few things to get the sewing room and my calendar as organized as I can.  Lists, white boards, calendars on the wall and new registration forms for local clients are all becoming much more important, as I get busier.

I was reminded today, while reading up about some up coming Etsy activities……………that I had decided a few weeks ago, to participate in the Christmas in July promotion on Etsy.  And, in a few days, it WILL be July.   The promotion starts on the 12th, so I do have a few more days, but where in the world did May & June go?  🙂

Another idea had crossed my desk here, and I’d jumped on it…………..mostly because it seemed SO far away!  I’m copying an idea that was brought up in a team, to have a 30 whatevers, in 30 days promotion on Facebook.  This sounded perfect for me, as I could certainly do 30 pieces by then…………and it would give me a reason to be on Facebook.  (not my best at FB yet!)  However, my bin with items for this amazing promo, has 2 ……….yes, that is TWO items in it.  There aren’t enough days unless I give up something important , like sleeping……….

With my new focus and a calendar in front of me at ALL times…………I’m going to be posting here, in picture form I think.  I’ll be proving I’m still holding my head above water, but I will be working, not writing about working.

…………………….picking up knitting needles……………..powering off the PC.



2 thoughts on “Success on the Pattern Search

    • Thanks for noticing my new little flowers. The pattern is really simple, I think it is the cotton yarn that makes it so plush. Feels almost like chenille.
      I must have given the award under the cover of darkness……….stealth mode or something!

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