Todays Workshop; Socks on circs & Magic cast on

I’m almost brain-dead.  Definitely pushed my limits today.  Our weekly knit group decided (just who decided this was up for discussion today, when not a one of us could think anymore!) …….anyway, someone decided a workshop on socks on one circular needle was a great idea.

First, we watched some You Tube videos explaining the technique………….then we watched them a 2nd time………..and threw in the video for Judy’s Magic Cast on, for an added challenge.

Then, we all got to work, casting on for our practice socks.  Much enthusiasm at this point.  Fun. Joking around.  Iced tea.

I started with a toe up cast on.  Mixed results.  Tried again.  Much better.  Switched to the top down on the one needle………….having done both top down, toe up on 2 circs, I figured there wouldn’t be a ton of difference.  I was wrong.

It took me ages to get all my knits on one side & my purls on the other.  Simple concept, but apparently I have a little known skill of knitting my sock inside out or something.  I had mixed up the in & the out……….and was thrilled when it was coffee break time!

I did end up with a teensy bit of knitting to show for the afternoon.  And, no picture of it.  Perhaps tomorrow!


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