Knit Two at a Time Tip

This picture doesn’t look like much.  But, it was an Ah Ha moment for me this week.  I have frequently knit two of something at a time………….sleeves or mitts come to mind.  And, try as I might, I end up going back and forth instead of on to the 2nd item…   Then, I have one of my Two Together things………longer than the other.  Totally negates the two at a time deal, huh?


So, this time…………when I was going to do two sleeves alike, I put a marker at the bottom of the two sleeves, making them sort of like One item.   I haven’t turned around after one sleeve since I did this!  Success.  Love it when a simple fix works!


Quick Update:

The local piece of Stitchknit is going well.  I’ve been blessed with some positive remarks on a local Facebook page, that has been bringing in a 4-5 new clients a week lately.  My TO DO board is a busy place lately.  Not sure how many pairs of pants I’ve hemmed in the last 7 days………….but it is over 2 dozen!

Just finished blocking the cabled scarf that is #4 in my 30 Scarves in 30 Days Facebook promo.  I’ve got to learn to knit in my sleep if I’m going to get these ready for September 1st!  Numbers 5,6 & 7 are on the needles now.


Back to work!

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