Off the Hook

This is the first item I’ve finished in what seems like months.  Life here at Stitchknit, is busier than usual, with the addition of my moms twin sister.  She has been joining us for extended visits, as she is no longer able to stay on her own.  For me, this means more cooking, more errands………….more of pretty much everything.  You’d think I’d have more time for knitting & crocheting, with all the family visiting time.  Sounds good in theory, but I haven’t been able to make that work!

Yesterday I discovered the bits and snatches of time I had come up with for knitting……………were for naught.  I was working on a 2 row pattern for a mans scarf and suffice it to say, the scarf is 4″ shorter today than it was yesterday.  Gads.  Two rows for heaven’s sake.  I can’t keep track of 2 rows!  Sad.  The scarf is back on track today, even if I am not!  🙂

Back to the picture of the new listing.  A quick little crocheted shrug, listed in the shop here.   Fun to make and apparently easy enough for me to accomplish with my new schedule here.

When I typed the title Off the Hook, it made me laugh.  My aunt is receiving a lot of phone calls here (the phone has been really busy, as the twins turned 90 this week…..birthday wishes all over the place).  The catch?  My aunt lays the phone down, and leaves it wherever she finished the phone call.  Since she neither disconnects the call, nor remembers where the phone is, we have been playing Find the Phone, more than a couple of times a day!  Thank goodness for voice mail!

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