Stitchknit Creations; Local Shop


I divide my time between the Etsy shop and my local shop , which makes for an interesting mix in the studio at times.  This week I’ve been working on re-useable baby wipes and attaching new elastic straps to a cushion for a motorcycle seat!

                                        No question as to which is which?

It is probably a good thing, there are no sequined wedding dresses in the

studio right now!







In the works for the Etsy shop, are a few more of the pieces for the 30 Scarves in 30 Days project…………….planned for September.  I’m feeling a bit more on schedule now, as one week is completed.  Here’s a preview of a few things for week #2:


Finishing, pictures and descriptions, then these 3 will be in line during week #2.

Searching for patterns to match up with yarn I’m itching to work with!  Have a design for a fabric scarf………..but, haven’t found just the right piece to make it up yet.

Good thing I started when I did!



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