Up in Smoke

Playing with matches here in the studio (actually, outside the studio).  Part chemist, part fireman, I have been reading and studying, trying to figure out this Burn Test business to identify the fiber content in fabric.

Stitchknit Tests Fabric

Here’s a picture of my little kit!
I’ve been listing fabric in my Etsy shop, and getting tired of having to say Unknown fiber content , so I started reading all I could find on how to identify actual fiber content.  Have to tell you, I’m really no closer to knowing what things are!  Gotta love the fabrics with the content written on the selvedge.  🙂

I’m concentrating on figuring out the cottons right now.  I am close, but nowhere near able to write 100% cotton in my descriptions!  Best I can do is say it sure feels like cotton, launders like cotton and wrinkles like cotton.  I can see the fabric burn, and no, it doesn’t smell like chemicals.  Yes, there is some gray ash when finished………and yes, I can blow it away.    I’ll continue to practice at this, but it is probably a good idea I didn’t go into any science-type field!

If anyone has tips regarding how to tell a 100% cotton piece, I’m very interested!  Please share!




In the studio here:

Brioche Stitch                 Hoping to have this yummy bit of knitting done soon, so I can include it in the 30 Scarves in 30 Days promo on Facebook.  Starting September 1st, I’ll be listing a new scarf, cowl or wrap for 30 days.  Special offers for Facebook fans!

I’m having a great time coming up with the pattern/yarn combo, and coincidentally, have LOTS of knitting time right now, due to the Olympics coverage!

This piece features the Brioche stitch, which is so simple, but wow…………I can’t sit & mindlessly knit with this yet.  Can’t seem to fix an error in this stitch pattern for the life of me.  Fortunately, the row is not very wide, and I can just go back a row, and that seems to take care of it.






These gorgeous colors are also slated for the 30 Scarves event.  This one is done…………in line for pictures and ready to list.








Just so you don’t think everything I work on is fluffy, pink and feminine………this is a new project from Client D.  Cut out a pattern from existing motorcycle seat (the inside out bit on the bottom here) and make a 2 layer cover from the mesh, rubbery stuff on the top here in this photo.    The pattern and the construction should be a snap.  The combo of materials might be the cranky making piece.  This needs heavy duty thread and the rubbery texture might be tricky to get it to GO through the machine

I think this might be the job that makes me get my commercial machine up and running. Somewhere in its move, it lost the belt….so, I can’t even check to see if it feels like sewing.  So, #1  Find & order a new belt #2 Set up a service call #3 figure out the heaviest thread I can use with it.







4 thoughts on “Up in Smoke

    • Beyond me too, apparently. I can do the tests, but it sure doesn’t help me with a certain answer if something is for sure, cotton. So, not a ton of help in the long run.

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