Early Inspiration

This picture always graces my studio.    Meet Grandma Caroline, my paternal grandmother and one of  the woman to whom I attribute my attraction/addiction to all things fabric & fiber.

I never even got to live close to her, as she lived in North Dakota and I was raised in WA state.  But, she certainly shared her creativity and love of sewing with me.

I was working in the studio this past week and came across a box of sewing memories.  Sort of like a scrapbook, but with pieces of my sewing history in there.  Found one of the first pieces of my sewing…where someone had threaded yarn in a needle for me, and had me put a running stitch along the edge of a small quilt Grandma had made for my doll.


I found this dress, which was made by Grandma Caroline, and sent to me when I was a little girl.  Grandma used to sew for me, and send dresses all the time.  No buttons however. She didn’t like to sew on buttons. So she would include them, for my mom to sew on!  I think this is the only dress I saved…….but I do have other items she made, including a full sized quilt, which I treasure.






Grandma always sewed without patterns, but would sometimes take a piece of newsprint and cut shapes out of that, to use as templates.  Her fabric came from the Sears catalog, and she worked on a treadle machine that was in the corner of her bedroom.

I think about all the tools I have in my sewing room.  A room that isn’t used for anything else!  Machines, tables, fabric, notions……..all just waiting for me to turn them into something amazing.

Keeping my grandmothers picture in the studio reminds me to be grateful.  Grateful for my space to work, all the lovely new materials available and most of all for her inspiration, talent and her example of how to live a creative life.


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