Snowflakes & Market Bags

In between making scarves for my 30 Scarves in 30 Days promo for September, I’ve taken a bit of time to work on a couple new projects for the Etsy Shop.

I’ve been making market bags for Client S, and asked if she minded me making some more of them for Etsy.  With her approval, I started off searching for the 4 cloth napkins to make up some initial bags.

Here’s my two finds:

Cloth napkins for market bags


I have these made up in bags, but I am having my usual difficulties getting a picture that looks like something more than a pile of fabric.  Will work on this. The bags are fairly large, to carry almost anything……..or everything!  There is an interior pocket, along with a loop to attach your keys to.   Up-cycled, re-useable and fun!  Love it when a project comes together like this.

The second item is a small little crocheted snowflake.  Have the 2nd one almost done & planning on making up the remaining yarn…………hoping I have at least 3 of these to list.  I had purchased the yarn for a scarf in my 30/30 September event (and have the scarf finished as of tonight) but the little leftover ball was just asking to be made up as snowflakes!

Crocheted snowflake motifs by Stitchknit

After making up a set of these, I’ve got a natural jute sort of twine, that I’m going to use for another design of snowflakes, more open and lacy perhaps.   The natural version looks very Scandinavian to me.  I like them better than the white ones.


More than busy with ‘life stuff’.  Helping my mom with an endless to do list for a rental she has that is currently vacant.   Not much time to spend in the sewing room, until this place gets rented.  Crossing my fingers an open house this week, pulls in a perfect tenant.  (are there any of those?)




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