Updates at Stitchknit

August has been a busy month for me.  I’m creating new pieces for my 30 Scarves in 30 Days event I’ll be unveiling on Facebook September 1st.  I’ve tried some new stitches and patterns, as well as some different materials; aiming for 30 individual scarves ………….all new to Stitchknit.    Just a few days left and 10 items to finish.  Several are in the sewing room, waiting in line for some finishing details and three are on the needles……..maybe four…………..just waiting for me to sit down and knit!

Still plugging away at the Brioche Stitch

In preparation for all the new fall items coming into the shop, I’ve begun moving some things to a Clearance Section   Accessories, baby items and home decor……reduced prices and most have zero shipping costs if combined with another item.  So, take a minute to stop by and help me clear some space for all the new goods!

One of the items in the new Clearance Section


The local shop has been busy too, with a rush of people getting kids jeans hemmed.  And, speaking of hems…………….. I had a client ask for a Euro Hem.  Never heard of it, and I told him as much. He referred me to YouTube.   After watching a handful of great videos, (sorry, I tried to insert a link, but found out I can DO a Euro hem, but I can’t get the silly link to work here)   I was convinced I already knew how to do this………..I just didn’t have a fancy pants name for it.  My Grandma used to do the same thing on garments all the time, and she called them ‘growth tucks’.   So, now………I’m an expert at Euro Hems!  I’ll be careful not to call the technique a growth tuck!  🙂  My clients with the super expensive designer jeans, would probably prefer the Euro Hem!

Sorry, no pictures of this technique yet.  I promise I will get some.   My client wanted to wait for his jeans, so I didn’t take time to document with pictures.  Will add this to my TO DO list!





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