30 Scarves in 30 Days…………..Has Begun!


When I started reading about the 30/30 challenges, and decided to jump in, it was WAY back in June I think.  Certainly I had enough time to make 30 scarves, cowls and shawls of some sort?  I planned to offer some knit, some crochet and to sew some, so not all of them were going to be involved and on size 3 needles!

Well.  I don’t know who took July out of the mix, but somehow, it was already August and without my approval, today pops up as the first of September!  So, with a few items still on the needles and hook and a few more stacked up by the sewing table………….Here is Number ONE in my 30 Scarves in 30 Days Challenge:

First Item in my 30 Scarves in 30 Days!




A close up of the stitches used. Very open & lacy!

Worn as a wrap


I chose this piece to lead off the Month of Scarves here, for several reasons.  Mainly, we’re just now starting to get our summer weather here in the Seattle area, so I’m not feeling very fall like, just yet.  This color seemed to fit my day better here, but not to worry, there are all sorts of scarves, cowls and such coming on a daily basis through September.


All the scarves will be listed in my Etsy shop, but you can go directly to this scarf  here.





12 thoughts on “30 Scarves in 30 Days…………..Has Begun!

  1. LOL! You will never believe it, but this is exactly the pattern I’m finishing up today. Mine is in Simply Soft persimmon, but I definitely like your blue so much better. I thought of you and your 30 in 30 today while I was crocheting. I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

      • Aubrey is going to model for me today, so I will definitely send one. While I don’t normally block, I think this pattern really requires it, but it is fast, fun, and perfect to carry for going in and out of air conditioning. I really prefer your bright blue to my salmon color.

      • Can’t wait to see this one………….I didn’t block mine, as it is an acrylic, it wouldn’t help much. It’s wide enough, it seems to be laying pretty flat without help.

  2. That scarf is so beautiful! Yeah… it turned into September w/o my permission, either…but today was beautiful. But I’m ready for rain!!!!!!!!! (and wearing warm scarves!)

    • Thanks Melinda….this turned out to be my favorite one of all the new pieces here. Love the color, and the way it hangs. Really hard to get that translated into a picture &/or words.
      I’m ready for rain too…….a true NW native here!

    • Thanks so much for stopping in! I jumped into the challenge & thought……..Piece of Cake! HA! More of a challenge than I had thought, but I’m having so much fun! (I will really enjoy knitting something a bit more challenging when this is done tho) 🙂

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