Day #3 of the 30/30 Challenge


The month of September is off and running!  Day 3 already, of my 30 Scarves in 30 Days.    I am having so much fun making them, and now sharing them in the Etsy shop and here on my blog.  It is so fun to see who likes which piece and which colors ‘speak’ to others!


Todays Creation                     A knit scarf using 2 strands of this slubby, bumpy thread.  Color?  I’m struggling with the description of this.  Sea green, swimming pool blue, and Carolyn, you said it reminds you of mermaids.  🙂    Since I’ve never seen mermaids, I wasn’t comfortable going with that reference, but there must be mermaids in Texas, right?  🙂


Wrapped once and tied once in front




Folded in half, ends tucked through the folded piece.

Pretending its’ a cowl………









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