How Behind Can I Get In 30 Days?

The calendar tells me it is Day 6 of my 30/30 challenge & already I’m behind.  I’m NO good at math of any kind and can’t even remember phone numbers without help, but I can see I’m less than a week in on this challenge of mine and ……………….I’m playing catch up already!

Doing a quick post.  A two for one here today.  There are so many new scarves and cowls here in the studio, it is possible I could also get confused before I get through the last day of September.  I’m also fairly certain there is some master mind, behind the scenes, who has cranked up the Speed of Time.  Never seen a month that went quite this fast.

My scarf for yesterday………..a frothy bit of pink.  This one reminds me of the colors of cotton candy, the ones hanging upside down in the plastic bags at the fair.  (I’m old enough to remember cotton candy on paper cones, only in pink, and not in plastic bags. )    This is knit, with regular rows of yarn overs & K2tog.  No pattern, just a repeat of some basic stitches.  Plenty going on with this combo of yarn.

And here is the scarf for today………..

White cotton, crocheted lengthwise, which makes it lay and hang well.  The yarn has a tiny metallic silver thread running throughout, so there is a bit of glitz to it.  Snowy sparkle perhaps?

Head to the Etsy shop for more pictures, and the specifics about each of these.    I have to hurry and get my TO DO list done for today, before it is tomorrow and I’m further behind!  🙂


5 thoughts on “How Behind Can I Get In 30 Days?

  1. ” I’m also fairly certain there is some master mind, behind the scenes, who has cranked up the Speed of Time” HMMMMMM. Sounds familiar. So far my challenge of 30 scarves in my lifetime is going just great (mot counting the Barbie beach towel). 1.4 down! 28.6 to go! YAY me!!!!!!!

    • I couldn’t resist! Today your comments made so much sense! I’ve been gone every day this week, and no matter how late I stay up, or how early I start my day……..I can’t seem to get a handle on the schedule. Doesn’t help that my mom is just unaware that I’m doing anything while in the sewing room. She has had more errands that were on her list this week…….every day it is something, more like a list of somethings.

      Anyway, time has gone not only faster this week, but just plain GONE. Like it wasn’t there in the first place.

      I think it’s because I had this 30/30 challenge this month. I had no idea it was going to be so condensed. Here I was thinking I had all 30 days………..somewhere I miscounted! That has to be it!

      I’d count the Barbie beach towel if I were you! And, I’d pick February. Less days!

      Back to knitting!

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