It’s a Cowl Again Today

Talk about simple.  This cowl is just a continuous loop, knit every row.  Doesn’t get much easier, it certainly qualifies as a beginner project.   There are some trickier patterns coming, but I’m trying to vary the pieces, so not to worry, I was truly challenging myself with this 30 / 30 event.  (more about the brioche stitch, impossible pattern and the grafting for good measure scarf……….later.  Just in case that isn’t clear…………all three of those little hurdles are in the SAME scarf!)

Back to the simple and the straightforward.

Chunky Cowl in Paprika Red

This piece is available now, in the shop………..see it here.

Again, there apparently wasn’t a full 24 hours in my day here at Stitchknit.  I had a TO DO list, all of it in capitol letters, mind you….   And, I didn’t get through half of it.  So, I conclude, I was given a short order in the hours department.  *** Must have filled out my request improperly.

Dusting off the virtual welcome mat here………. for my new followers!  Thanks for regularly stopping by.  You need to know, I am amazed anyone at all reads my ramblings, surprised when real people leave me kind, insightful &/or  funny comments and I truly look forward to becoming better acquainted!

5 thoughts on “It’s a Cowl Again Today

  1. gotta love that color red….. I wonder how it would go with a certain coat? Oh… that reminds me… I haven’t given buying new buttons for those coats a second thought… How about just plain, see-thru acrylic buttons? Er… maybe this is the wrong place to ask this of you…. How’s my lab coat coming along?

    • I am noticing the numbers going up……… here too. Totally amazing to me!
      And, your ‘lab coat’ is hanging up in the studio, getting its’ share of thinking time here. I was at Joannes Thursday and didn’t remember to look for matching fabric. Will take the coat out on the town Monday, and remember to look for something to use with it.

  2. You are doing so well with this challenge. I’m sure you’ll reach your goal. Red is a nice color for a drab Winter day. Sometimes the simplest styles are the best. Thank you for your kind words to me.

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