For The Guys


Just so you don’t think everything I make is pink and  has ruffles , todays’ scarf is just the opposite.  See it here.

This worked up to be a super soft scarf.  Simple stitches, nothing fancy looking, just a great looking yarn with little flecks of color.  I kept knitting on this one, so it is longer than most of my scarves… took For-Ever!

Speaking of For-Ever………….which is most definitely longer than forever………….  I feel like it has been years since I’ve made anything other than a scarf.  I know some knitters enjoy making scarves.  Exclusively.  But, after this 30 day challenge of mine……..I know I’m not one of those knitters!  I’m itching to make something like mittens or a lace shawl. I can’t wait  to finish my hot pink socks …..on the 2nd sock, by the way!

I still have a couple more scarves to complete for this months challenge…………then, I’m on to other projects.  I have a notebook full of sketches, patterns, yarn snippets and stitch diagrams all waiting o be explored!   I have solved the conundrum I was having with the brioche stitch scarf.  Doing it the way I read the pattern, it reduced by half a the end, which was going to make it difficult to graft the beginning to the end.  I have finished the knitting the way I would write the pattern, and now the stitches match, which will graft so much better!  (must find some quiet time to get this step done.  I have to concentrate on this, as I don’t do it very often)
I’d better grab a scarf and get busy.  🙂


2 thoughts on “For The Guys

  1. Tami, thanks for stopping in & leaving a comment! I like this one too, for a bunch of reasons. It is black, which goes with everything, it’s long enough to fold in half & stick the ends through the loop and it is so soft to touch! I was trying hard to get my 30 scarves to be a variety…..both in styles and colors. It will be interesting for me to look at all 30 when I get to the end of September ….and see how I did with the variety bit.

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