Knitting, Sequins and a Haircut

It was a pretty varied sort of day here at Stitchknit.  I’m working on altering a beaded (and sequined) wedding gown for Client T, and am in the stage where there are little pearls all over the place. Try as I might to keep them contained when I remove an area to work on……………they just scatter and bounce!  I can’t see the sequins until the sun hits them, then……..we sparkle!

In between sewing and fittings, I’m knitting on Scarf # 20 something.  I’ve lost count since I started to list the 30 scarves in 30 days a the beginning of September.  Think I must be working on numbers 25 & 26.  27 is SO close to being done, and then there is one more plaid fabric cowl just waiting until there is black thread in the serger.  With all the wedding sewing……….black items are taking a back seat.

I took a scarf in progress with me this evening and dashed out for a hair cut, as I was beginning to scare myself.  I’m a short hair person, and I get a touch cranky if my hair is making me spend time on it.  I’m a fan of wash & wear!


There are some scarves that are posted to my Etsy shop, but I’ve just been too tired to put them here.  Playing another round of Catch Up tonight!

Knit Ruffled Scarf by Stitchknit


Black & White plaid, fringed scarf by Stitchknit



A warm & cozy addition for your winter wardrobe


2 thoughts on “Knitting, Sequins and a Haircut

  1. “I get a touch cranky if my hair is making me spend time on it. I’m a fan of wash & wear!”

    I am writing something for my blog about this. Sort of. I put off the haircut, I don’t like someone messing with my head . . . I hate beauty salons and the inane conversations – “And how is your day going, and what are you doing the rest of the day?” GIve me a break, who really cares. However, I did get a lucky break a few months ago. I found a woman in our condo complex who owned her own salon and works out of her condo, has quite a set-up and does a good business. It takes me about 60 seconds to walk to her unit. She only charges $15.00 and always offers treats – coffee, juice cookies, fruit platter. etc. Naturally, I tip her well for a great haircut and some honest conversation. Plus, she’s from New York and being from CT, well we have bonded.

    Can’t wait to see the wedding gown – be careful about slipping on those pearls.

    One hot day here – may be 96 at the coast in SoCal.

  2. My haircut was with a new gal……..who is not proficient in English. So, there was very little chit chat. All I could understand from her was she kept saying what I thought was the word “short?” Questioning like. I kept saying Short OK. I did get short, and I do love the haircut. Most definitely a wash & wear deal. Takes me no time!
    I am almost done with the wedding dress. The bride was here for a fitting again today, so all I have left is some hand sewing, and more of the beads! I love seeing happy brides!

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