30/30 Challenge Update

I’m getting so close to the end of the month…..I can see that the calendar and my stack of scarves don’t match!  That’s right, I’m still knitting like a crazy woman, and I do think I’ll have a scarf a day for all the days of September, but …………      It is getting down to the wire!  🙂

Not sure where I left of here, but here’s some pictures of the last few days listings:

Love this! Seafoam green yarn and the stitch is actually called Sea Foam too.

Extra long, cabled scarf in a royal purple wool.


Ribbon Yarn works up to be so unique. Jewel tones with a thread of gold metallic throughout, for a bit of bling!

Back to work here!  I have a couple items on the needles, and some fleece just waiting to be turned into winter scarves.  I’m determined to finish the month with a scarf a day!





3 thoughts on “30/30 Challenge Update

  1. wow you are amazing! I don’t think I will ever knit a scarf in one day and I absolutely know if I did achieve such a thing I wouldn’t be repeating the effort the next day and day after day. Incredible. I think I manage to knit a scarf or a bag a year (I only knit in winter and then at the end of the day when the tv is on)

    • Not so amazing! I started on this challenge in June! When my first scarf (the purple cabled one) took me 3 weeks, I knew I had to step up the production if I was going to get to 30 by Sept. As of today, I’m 2 short….so, will be working some magic in the next couple days here! 🙂

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