I Can See the Finish Line


The end of September is within reach here at Stitchknit!  I’m still working on scarves 29 & 30…………they will be hot off the sewing machine when they are listed!  This has been an excellent exercise for me in so many ways.  I’m starting to make notes of things I’ve learned, what I’ve enjoyed and what I will do differently ……………if I ever decide to do something similar!

But for now…..A quick catch-up:

Hand Knit Spicy Red Cowl by Stitchknit

This was a bit of a tedious knit, a variation on the seed stitch………….just 2 X 2 instead of 1 X 1.  Seed stitch is my all time favorite stitch, but I thought I’d play with that a bit on this piece.  I like the results, overall texture, with an added bit of pattern to it.  The 2X2’s settle into columns (sort of)…..maybe I’m just nuts from so much knitting?  🙂  Anyway, you can see other pictures of this piece here.

Todays scarf………………..  Number 27 if anyone besides me is counting!

That must-have basic scarf! Soft, textured, and warm…..a great combination.


Love how this turned out…..  Acrylic, so it is washable.  Smaller, so it will fit in a handbag if the weather is changeable.  And, a lovely soft ecru color, so it will truly go with anything.  I just listed it this morning here.


Todays project:  Finish grafting the brioche knit scarf!  The last of the knitted pieces in the 30 / 30 Challenge.



4 thoughts on “I Can See the Finish Line

    • Thanks so much! The project has been interesting, fun and this week, crazy busy. I tried so hard to get an assortment, but when I see them all together……….that didn’t work so well.

    • I used the regular Kitchener stitch for this scarf. Although, I’d sure like to try this design idea and come up with another spot for the join. The whole pattern had me stumped as to “why” & I confess, there is one row that I ended up just skipping, as it made no sense to me, or anyone in my knit group!

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