Five Minute Scarves


Two of the easiest scarves ever. Fleece meets rotary cutter! Five Minutes….Tops


Can you tell I’m running out of time as the month of September winds down?  I do love this style of scarf (for more than the fact one can whip a dozen of them up in 30 minutes!)  These make great gifts, they fit anyone, you can match them to team colors or make them as favors for a kids party!  Easiest with a cutting mat and a rotary cutter, one could certainly use scissors too!  See these listed here.

Here’s the pink one. Pretty by itself, or great paired with the royal blue!


And, the blue…… Both are so soft, washable and 100% polyester.







2 thoughts on “Five Minute Scarves

    • No, these were just a combo for Day 28. I have one more fabric scarf to finish for tomorrow…….and I just finished the last scarf for #30 on Sunday. It was the one that challenged me!
      I might do this again……….certainly have learned alot, and have streamlined so many things in the studio in order to get these done!

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