Number 29


About this time, I’m thinking alot about why I didn’t pick a really short month for my create something daily challenge.  🙂  30 days of September have gone by like it was a sort of long-ish week………..but, the work took me months!  Hard to think of how quickly they all got posted when they took so long to create!  The whole exercise reminds me a bit of planning, cooking and serving a Thanksgiving dinner only to have it gone in 15 minutes!  (at least with the people around my table)  February would have been a good month………….


Here is number 29……   Listed here in the Etsy Shop.


More of my business-suit gray designs! Love the look.


And, tomorrow…………the 30th…………    I’ve got one more scarf ready for the last post of my 30 Scarves in 30 Days.  (and no, I didn’t MAKE them in 30 days.  I’ve been working for most of the summer to get these ready)






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