Number 30 Unveiled


Here it is. The last piece in my 30 Scarves in 30 Days Challenge during the month of September.

This is the piece that took me forever.  Little did I know when I started it, that it was going to be #30………..taking weeks!  I used some yummy baby camel yarn for this, so when it is mixed with the brioche stitch, it is lighter than air and SO soft!   This brioche stitch:  made up of simple, simple knitting………..yet, combined in such a way my brain just couldn’t get it!  I had to knit in peace & quiet, which is pretty hard to come by.  But, finished it is.  And, I love it.  See the rest of the pictures & description here.

Since I started my challenge, I’ve had a few questions from some of you.  Mainly, how did I get them all done in 30 days.  Since some of the pieces took me weeks to complete, there was no way to DO them all in 30 days.  My goal was to have most of the months worth of pieces done when I flipped the calender over to September.  I think I started knitting in June………..but not with any deadline in mind.  The first scarf was this cabled number, which took me weeks! As soon as I finished it, and did some simple math (the only kind I can do!) I realized I needed to dive in and do some full time preparation for September.

I spliced in some pieces from the sewing room, as well as some crocheted piece, which took a bit less time than the knitted pieces.   I tried very  hard to make different pieces, not repeating color, size or technique.

What I learned from the challenge really didn’t have much to do with knitting.  I think scheduling and time management were the areas I grew the most in.  Besides getting the work done, then the picture taking, editing and writing the descriptions followed.  I started the month trying to be a couple days ahead with all the details…….but after the 20th, the whole ‘system’ fell to pieces.  I did manage to keep up with the daily listing, but there were days where life trumped knitting!

On the plus side, I do have a shop full of new items, just before the Christmas shopping season.  That part was a happy accident.  🙂








4 thoughts on “Number 30 Unveiled

    • This one is oddly soft. Because of the loft in the brioche stitch, it feels like it has air inside the knitting! Has sort of a squishy feel to it, plus being soft. It was hard not to keep touching it while I was knitting!

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