Halloween Prep Underway


Every year I get calls to make, or assist with Halloween costumes.  This  year, one of the requests involved knitting!  Here are some pictures, can you guess what the entire costume is?  Which character?

Here is the beginning of this item, and yes……it is a scarf.


And, here is the finished product…………….ready to be shipped off tomorrow morning!

And, the finished scarf!

If you guessed Mary Poppins, you’re correct!  I couldn’t have told  you Ms Poppins wore a scarf, but now I know!  Perhaps she knit hers herself?  She did seem like that kind of crafty lady!


The next costume will have me switching gears, to say the least.  I need to do some research too, as I’m WAY out of my league making my first Zombie Bride!  I welcome any and all ideas and inspiration you might have for me!  I’ve got one week, so chime in quickly!  🙂






7 thoughts on “Halloween Prep Underway

  1. I wanna be Lady Gag…… what do you have in mind for me? And if you think I mistyped her name w/o the last “a” you would be wrong. I guess I was born that way. Although I like Mary Poppins a lot… but I am surprised she wore such a darling color in those days. What sort of gloves did Dick VanDyke wear????? 😉

    • I know. Scarves for months, and the next custom order was a scarf! It was a quick one tho…. Have it ready to ship today, and I started it on Wed at knit group.
      I have no idea what Dick VanDyke wore. This movie has never been on my list….can’t remember seeing it even. It does seem like a good couple of costumes for a couple…. I like it because there is no blood, no one is ‘dead’, etc.

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