Crochet 911


This was delivered to my house this week end.  Two vintage ………, probably certifiably antique at this point………granny square afghans made by an aunt of mine.  When she died, these two went to one of her sons, and since he just died………..they are now going to her daughter.  No one in the immediate family was willing to work on either of these…………so, here they are!

Two afghans in need of some TLC

I didn’t get a close up of the areas that had disintegrated, but trust me, there are places where there is just no blanket there!  Trickiest piece to fix is going to be the black bordered one on the right. Some of the yarn used on this piece was wool………..and over the years it has felted………….and felted WELL.  I know my cousin isn’t going to fuss over those types of details, but I do want this to be repaired so that I’m happy with it.


First thing on the list is to start assembling the necessary yarn.  I think I have plenty of black, but some of the other colors I’m going to have to pick up.

Next, I think I’ll copy the squares so I can just ‘paste’ them into the straight forward problem areas.

Then………….I don’t know.  The plan only goes so far!


I’m open to any and all advice you might have.  If you’ve pulled a granny square piece back from the brink, please share!





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