Ms. Poppins’ Scarf

My interpretation of Ms. Poppins knit scarf


I have been knitting these little wisps of a scarf now, for at least a month.  To date, I’ve made and sold six of them!    I’m caught up with orders at the moment, and I thought I’d share some of the details for this airy scarf.

There is no real pattern, but if you’re a knitter…………even a very beginner knitter, this is a piece of cake!

I used a size 13 needle, with some fine, lace weight yarn.  Mine were a mixture of one wool, the other a silk/wool blend.  My first goal was to get the colors as close as possible to the clients request.  With the picture of Ms. Poppins next to the order form for yarn………..I pulled out 4 that were possibles.  This ended up being the ‘one’.

Starting with the lighter color, I cast on 19 sts.  Knit 20 rows with the Apricot shade, then change colors & knit 13 rows with the darker Brick color.  Then, repeat until the scarf is as long as you’d like it to be.  Mine ended up being 5 of the darker stripes and 7 of the lighter color.

I added fringe to the ends, as I was aiming to make this as close to the original as possible.  After tying all the fringe on, I trimmed it to 4″.


That’s it.  Easy as can be.  And, pretty too.  Because of the large needles and the fine yarn, the best word to describe this piece is Frothy!

Give it a try & let me see some pictures if you do!


23 thoughts on “Ms. Poppins’ Scarf

  1. Hey Sue… Your scarf is lovely, but your blog is wonky…. there are tons of typos and Swedish A’s with the little circles at the top os the A’s. I wonder if you looked at it by googling it if that would show up so you could see it? I’m just trying to be helpful. I still don’t understand the Mary Poppins craze…but better her than, say, Nixon masks.

  2. Melinda: Sorry the blog had problems, but I don’t see them on my end. Looked fine when I posted yesterday and it is reading right today. I was certain it was going to be something I had done! 🙂 Now my email is another story. For some reason, the screen is all stretched out on my gmail acct. I do better if I just stick to knitting! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! Glad you stopped in.
      This project falls into my Stupid Knitting category….. I can knit on it and visit, or knit while I’m out somewhere… No need to really concentrate at all! Perfect project! 🙂

  3. I just adore this! I am going to give it a try myself, but I am having a difficult time finding the proper yarn. Would you mind sharing what brand you are using? Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you like the Mary Poppins scarf, “she” has turned out to be quite popular.. Have another on my needles now!

      I typically don’t purchase yarn locally, or retail, and this batch of yarn is no exception. I had the lighter peachy color in my stash, and picked up 4 other possibilities for the darker stripes from a supplier of commercial yarn on cones (DBNY). The client I was doing the original scarf for, chose from the array I had purchased.

      I would be happy to reel some of the yarn off & put it up as a listing on my Etsy site if you like. Or, you could visit to see if they still had some colors that would work for Ms. Poppins.

      Searching locally, I’d suggest to shop for lace weight yarn (almost thread like), and use a large needle….to get the wispy, lacy effect.

      I’d love to see a picture of your creation when you get it whipped up!


    • I apologize if you get multiple replies here…..for some reason I’m having trouble getting a reply to show up!
      I don’t have a pattern for this printed off, but it is simple straight forward knitting! I cast on 19 sts, with the light color, knit 20 rows, switch colors, knit 13 rows. Keep going like this til the scarf is the length you like, then bind off. I made the fringe with a combination of both the colors.
      Let me know if you have further questions. I’d love to see your scarf when you get it made up!

      • Lori: I try to find sort of an apricot shade for the lighter stripe, and the anything in orange almost rust shades for the darker stripe. I have had difficulty finding the same weight of yarn in both colors….. So, I have a stash of some that are great, but no match for the other stripe.


    • Jill: I’m using yarn off a cone, so I don’t have much to go on re; how much yarn I used by weight. Looking at a cake of yarn here, that is approx 50 gr…. thinking I’d get 2 of the lighter shade & 1 of the darker. Both are used for the fringe too, which I have at 4 1/2″ finished length.
      I had originally thought I’d measure yarn used for this project, but I’ve had consistent orders and have not taken the time to measure. I should bump the idea further up the TO DO list!
      Would love to see a pic of your scarf when you get it done!

    • Thanks for your inquiry, sorry I’m so tardy getting back to you. I’ve been making Mary Poppins scarves since October! Sold another yesterday…..cast on today. Can’t get even 1 in inventory!

      I have no idea how much yarn these take, as I am using yarn off commercial sized cones, which I buy by weight. Doesn’t take much, is about the best I can tell you. The fringe does use up its’ share tho.


  4. I love this scarf! I was just wondering what stitch you used for this scarf (garter, peal, etc) I’m a beginner at knitting so it’s hard for me to tell. Thanks you 🙂

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  6. Hi, I’m wanting to make one of these scarfs for a Make a Wish little girl. I don’t really knit and have limited time. How long would you do for a young girl about 4 yrs old? How long does it take you to make the ones you’ve been making? Really want to make this little girl a great gift and she loves Marry Poppins, in fact she will be getting a visit from her at the end of the this month. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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