Autumn Inspiration

Autumn is my favorite season…..for all kinds of reasons.  I love the lead up to the holidays; Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I also love the return to the schedule fall seems to bring.  Daylight savings time goes away, and that seems more normal to me than daylight savings time.  Meals seem to return to a more organized schedule than summer suppers & sandwiches.  Soup, baking bread and getting to the canning that will fill the shelves of the pantry all fill the house with delicious aromas.

And, without gardening chores, it seems like there are hours and hours of time that appears, just waiting for some yarn!

Fall also brings a surprise of color around every corner here.

Here’s a display of Japanese Lantern plants that caught my eye last week.  Spring and summer colors just don’t have the fiery look this does.  Not that I’m going to rush right out and pick up some orange and green yarn for the next project!

This is the piece I just finished……….a crocheted cowl using a variegated yarn with some fall colors that are a bit more muted!



I love how this one turned out.  I have just listed it in the Etsy shop, you can see other pictures here.  There’s no pattern, I just start with a chain, and crocheted in this case, until I used up the yarn!  I alternated with 2 rows of half doubles, and then 2 rows of double crochets.    I put this together with one twist, so it lays around a neckline with some natural, easy folds.

Next up here at Stitchknit:  Finishing a crocheted shawl.  I must, I must finish this thing!

Finishing a crocheted baby blanket, using the Blackberry salad pattern.  Love this!

And, finishing sock #2, in a hot pink yarn……………for ME!




2 thoughts on “Autumn Inspiration

    • I’ll be getting lots of sock knitting time in for a bit. Extra doctor, therapy & who knows what kind of appts being added to the calendar here. So grateful for knitting & crocheting. I can wait AND have a great time.

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