Just Listed………..and Sold!

Love writing that!  These ruffled scarves are a popular item.  I wonder if people know how simple they are to make?  One could knit these with their fingers I think…..

Have one more of these in browns still in the shop here.    Hoping to get some of these done in a solid red and maybe a red with silver?  Would be beautiful with a black coat for the holidays.  And, I had a client ask today, if I had this in red!  Reason enough to make one right there!

I finished one tiny little item and added it to the shop yesterday.  Stop by & take a peek.

Lots of projects in the works here:  Still working on the 2nd hot pink sock for me!   New color of this scarf that just sold The new color is a camel or beige or khaki…..depending on who I ask!  Still have the white crocheted shawl in silk…..it’s going to take something huge to get me back to this piece.  Little girls scarf in Pinks!  (looks like cotton candy) And, I’m knitting and crocheting in ALL my spare minutes, to create a big bag full of yarn goodness for my 2nd Yarn Bombing event coming up soon!  I’ll be sure to take pictures as this one is going up.

Thanks for stopping in and a big welcome to the new followers!


4 thoughts on “Just Listed………..and Sold!

  1. I had someone ask me if I have ever made any. I may give it a try if it’s as easy as you say…somehow I think it will be much more difficult for me, as your skillz are way more developed!

    • Super easy. I have knit mine……there must be a way to crochet the piece too. I’ll have to play with the next ruffly bit of yarn I pick up. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Melinda: You could absolutely do this. The yarn/fiber is already made into the ruffle, it’s just a matter of knitting 6 stitches to a row, until you run out of ruffle! Several companies make this type of yarn, just find a color you like & I’ll show you how!

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