First Order for Christmas 2013!

That’s right!  2013


I was contacted through my Craigslist Ad (thanks CL) to see if I’d like to look at a project for next Christmas & this is the vintage piece I was given this afternoon.

I was thrilled the client brought me the “notes” from the original knitter, in addition to this stocking to copy.   The family has been using these for 2 generations now, and there are going to be some new babies, thus……………the order for more socks!

First on the list is to come up with the supplies.  The “notes” specify angora for the Santa, and 3 ply yarn for the stocking & Size 2 needles.  There are some general directions for the actual sock and some specifics for the Santa face.

Before I get started on the supply list, I think I’m going to dampen this one, and see if it smells like wool.  It has a yummy soft feel to the piece and was made in the early 70’s.  I want the new socks to mirror this original, to the best of my ability.

I am SO glad this is for next Christmas! I will be in the Christmas spirit all summer here at Stitchknit.
Anyone else get this giddy thinking about copying an older piece?



2 thoughts on “First Order for Christmas 2013!

    • I love the stocking too! I will be writing a pattern for this, but don’t hold your breath! Knitting & writing aren’t my best skill. Knitting yes. But the keeping track of what I’m doing, makes me cranky!

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