Time: Not Enough of It

I remember when I was younger, hearing people talk about how time goes so much faster the older you get.  What a crazy theory, I thought.  Or, crazy people………..or both.

With the passing of decades………….I’m now a convert, or crazy………..take your pick!  I’ve got a few theories as to what has happened:

–  I’m slowing down, so I get less done.  Measuring time by what I cross off my list doesn’t work the same way, since not much gets crossed off!

–  I’m older, hopefully wiser, so I’m taking more time on things that I think should take longer……..or that I just plain enjoy more.  This sounds like a good one, but it still ends up making me feel like I’m not getting much done.

–  I have added things to my TO DO list without taking anything off.  I’m no math whiz, but I can feel the pressure from this one.  Taking on more responsibility, without adjusting anywhere else, has complicated life, to say the least.  (not talking about fussy little things, like volunteering for too many committees & such)

With all that said (or typed), I should move away from the computer & get busy!


A quick update on current projects here:

Newest listing…..  See it in the shop here.    I had bought this yarn as a possible one for the Mary Poppins scarf.  The client picked one that is more orange, so I wanted to see what this worked up to be.  This version is loose, lacy and a little more substantial.


I’ve had one or two of these ruffled scarves in the shop with no sales.  However, when one is on the needles, or the finished scarf is on the desk where client come & go here at Stitchknit, I can’t keep them knit up fast enough.  This piece is part of an order of 3……….and then there is another order on the needles……….a couple all red ones.   Everywhere I look here, there are piles of ruffles!

And, lastly, there is a teensy little baby hat in the works here.  All cotton, just waiting for some over-sized tassels on each corner.


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