Black Friday & Stitchknit

Trying this entry for the 2nd time here………….   Must be getting tired, as I have no idea where the entry went when I hit ‘publish’.

I’m joining in with the hundreds, probably thousands of other Etsy shops and holding a shop wide special for Black Friday.  Actually, for the whole week end, through Cyber Monday.  So, mark your calendars and plan on stopping by Stitchknit to get a head start on your shopping list.  This is definitely a low stress shopping experience.  Shop in your jammies, sip a glass of wine and browse through my shop full of hand made goodness.

I’m going to get back to work, as I have a few more items to finish up before the week end!








One thought on “Black Friday & Stitchknit

  1. I rebel against “black Friday”….but I will catch up with you very soon, indeed. Now that DL is home and I’m not so overwhelmed, I will bring up my mending/remaking stuff soon. Since I don’t celebrate xmas I gave away all of the lovely scarves and mitts I made to give away to the kids on out block. And…. I dearly wish I had taken pictures, but I did not. But all of their joy is because of you teaching me how to knit. All of us thank you. But I’m ready to make something besides squares and rectangles. ❤

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