Now For Some Shopping!

The big dinner is now residing in everyone’s refrigerators, a series of dishes balanced carefully, just waiting to be turned into the Day After Buffet!  Our favorite is turkey enchiladas, which has more fans here than the original big dinner!

Since no one has to be in the kitchen, it’s a perfect day for shopping!  Grab a turkey sandwich & a plate of salads and get comfy………..then head off to Etsy for some shopping at its best!  No parking hassles or wintery weather to contend with, and thousands of shops offering specials for the entire weekend.   Shameless plug here.  Stitchknit has joined the retail bandwagon & is offering a simple-simon sort of sale.  15% off the whole shop.  No coupons, no codes, just some great deals.  Stop by here for gifts of all sorts; hats, gloves, baby blankets…..if it’s made from fiber, I’ve got it!


Newest item in the shop:

Soft, 100% cotton, this is as soft as the teddy bear in the picture!  (he isn’t included )  🙂



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