Again With Ms Poppins & Her Scarf

Surprising to me, since I’ve never been a real fan of Ms. Poppins……….  I’ve sold yet another, Mary Poppins Scarf!  Here’s my take on this little accessory.

I think I’m pretty close.  I’m certainly getting enough practice knitting this one up!  Current order is knit, and the ends are all woven in.  Tomorrow the fringe & packing for shipping.  Off to the post office on my way to teach a knitting class tomorrow afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Again With Ms Poppins & Her Scarf

  1. Hello, I have a granddaughter who is Disney crazy. She wants to be Mary Poppins for Halloween this year. I would like to purchase one of your scarfs. Could you get it done by the 1st of Febuary. Her birthday is the 3rd of Febuary. And how much would want for the scarf. Her colors are light pink and dark pink. Thank you. Linda Brenner I’m in Henderson Nv. Thank you again.

    • Linda
      Thanks so much for your inquiry. I’d need a bit more information before giving you a certain answer.
      Were you looking for the little girls scarf I make, or are you referring to the copy of the Mary Poppins scarf, that is sized for an adult?

      Also, I’ve not made the poppins scarf in anything but the rust & apricot….I’d need to search to see if I had yarn available in the light/dark pink colorway.

      The two scarves I make are different weights, textures and lengths. The adult version uses a very fine thread or lace weight yarn……giving a wispy look to the scarf. The kids version uses actual yarn, in a sport weight, but it is meant to be played with, so it isn’t the wispy sort of knitting.

      Both are striped, with fringe on the ends.

      You can see both the scarves in my Etsy shop, along with the prices.

      I have both sizes ready to ship, but not in pink. It would take me a couple days to make, after I locate the appropriate yarn.

      425 478 9440

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