Practice Makes Perfect

I’m saying the word “no” over & over to myself, hoping it reminds  me not to take on more custom work than I have hours.  I’m pretty sure I need to switch to chanting the word “NO” outloud …………or, wearing it as a sign around my neck!  It’s getting serious.  I didn’t feel the pressure until this week end, when all of the sudden, I realized I was going to have to cut anything without a deadline!



It doesn’t seem very accommodating, but I’ve stopped taking any custom orders, either on line or in my local shop, that have deadlines before Christmas.  My new favorite words are when a client says “No Rush!”  That’s a no I can live with!  I’ve packed the Stitchknit shop on Etsy, with hundreds of items that are completed and ready to ship, so there is still plenty  to choose from.  Please stop by!

Time to get busy knitting…………and I’ll see if I can practice the NO word while working on projects!  🙂




2 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. I think that learning to say NO to people (especially around this time of year) is an art-form. Last week when it was pouring rain and we had SO many people calling us “My basement is filling up with water. You have to come now!” but we were already completely full from all the people who thought ahead and wanted their windows cleaned for TG. But… don’t tell anyone: when it is pouring buckets, no gutter system in the world can take that much water all coming off the roof at one time. We never tell people this, but we do say ” Well, we called you in September to see if you wanted your gutters to be cleaned but you said you wanted to wait until all the leaves were off the trees.” (we keep copious notes on every one). It’s kinda like firing a customer that you don’t get along with… it’s empowering. So say NO!!!!!! (just not to me) 🙂

    • I’ve been practicing saying NO, all day long. Most everyone is OK with it, I’m the only one that it makes uncomfortable.

      Can’t wait to see you & your scarf tomorrow!

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