Copy Cat Crochet


I’ve finished with the custom order for a Christmas Stocking……   This little Santa was added on to the original and this is my in progress shot of my attempt to copy, not only the stocking, but the Santa.  I am pleased with the result, but not so much with my picture taking.  Nor, the new changes here on WordPress re; the pictures.  I can only manage so many changes and I’m apparently over my limit for the week!


Here’s the sample sock, on the right, and my copy on the left.  (the one on the right has no Santa, but the new sock was supposed to have one)


I was pleased to work on this project.  And, I’m thrilled to have it completed.  Packaging and shipping it tomorrow……as soon as I make up a little gift to send along with the stocking.

I so enjoy matching someone elses work.  This one had no pattern, but I did get to have a sample to work from.  Sort of like working a puzzle backwards!

Have you ever copied someones crocheting or knitting?  How did  it go?


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