I have been so busy with the Etsy shop and the local shop it hasn’t felt like I was making progress at all.  Too busy isn’t good, I get more than a little scattered…………..the studio begins to look like a tornado blew through it…………and I’m pretty sure that isn’t the best way to be the most creative.

This week is different.  I’ve completed the last custom order due before Christmas ………..pick up scheduled for Friday.  I’ve cleaned the studio and surprise, surprise…………..I found the missing bobbins to the Pfaff machine I use as the first ‘back up’ machine.  I’ve started working on the stack of fabrics I had pulled sometime before Thanksgiving and made 2 pieces which were listed yesterday and this AM.

DSCN5197This cowl is so interesting.  Lots of texture, as each of the different colors in this have their own weave.  Great fabric!  I added it to the shop this morning, you can see the full description & additional pictures here. 

Good thing I’m getting the TO DO list down to a manageable number, as we just got an email re: a foster kiddo needing a weeks worth of respite starting on the 27th.  I should be good to go!   The room needs a once over, since we have taken months off  and haven’t had a full time young man since July.  Sent the word out to a few friends, asking for help in jazzing up the room.  Our last kiddo was pretty hard on things………..with most everything just going to the dump.  I like to have lots of options of things to do, since I don’t have much info and haven’t a clue as to what this new gentleman likes to do……….or can do.  The weather isn’t going to be great for going to the park, which is one of my favorite ideas……..  So, I’ll get busy  making my list of activities that could keep us all busy for a week!





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