Year End & New Beginnings

I’ve been so busy with both my local sewing/alterations business and my little shop on Etsy, that it truly was a surprise to me to see it was Dec. 22nd today!  I have no idea how a month could fly by so quickly.   Besides the holidays, and welcoming a new foster kiddo on the 27th , this coming week marks the 2 year anniversary of my Etsy Shop.

The things I’ve learned have amazed me.  And, the things still on my list to figure out also amaze me.  Not sure I’ve got enough brain cells left to add many more new things to my list!  I miss having a tech savvy teenager living with me!  For so many years, I’ve had a houseful of teens, and at least one was into computer/tech stuff and could be convinced it was in their best interest to help me out when needed!  I’ve got this new phone & am plugging along with it……todays new skill was figuring out how to delete pictures I’ve taken.  Yea Me

No idea how to get said pictures to the computer, or how to get things organized so I can show a new client pictures of my work instead of pictures of my dog!  Hope to learn how to make the phone a useful tool for the business this coming year.  (will likely take me all year!)

I did complete these mitts for a client…….   She was pleased, which made my day.  The yarn is a wool/angora blend; more than yummy to work with!

Mitts for Sharon

Mitts for Sharon

Couldn’t find a pattern that was small enough for the woman these are going to……… I made up a new one.  Hoping to get it written down and test knit so I can list it in my shop this year.  (another goal that may take me all year!)

One more item to complete today and the TO DO list will be up to date.  Everyone’s order for the holidays will be done!  Todays job is constructing a duvet for a client….the sewing room is covered in king sized sheets for this one!  Just the buttons & buttonholes to complete and this can be folded up & put on the shelf for pick up.

I did advertise this past week on Craigslist………….for anyone looking for a handmade (made in the USA too!) gift….   So far, have had 2 appointments resulting in a couple sales each.  Glad I remembered to put the word out!  Still have hundreds of scarves, hats, mitts and baby items if you’re in need of a gift or two and are in the Seattle area.   No crowds and free parking!  🙂   Also sold a series of beginning crochet classes to a family as a gift for their little girl & her best friend.  Love it that I’ve got classes already on the calendar for 2013!

Best get back to the sewing machine…………or it will be 2013 before this project gets done!








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