Searching for My Voice

Literally, trying to get my voice back here!  I’ve been on ‘quiet’ mode since New Years Day…..operating with no voice whatsoever!  Hard for someone who is usually quite chatty! Add that to feeling totally lousy, I’ve pretty much missed the first 2 weeks of 2013. 


I’m pretty tired of tea & lemon…………cough drops and clear liquids.  I’m actually just tired.  Funny how not talking can be so exhausting!

Must be time for a nap………….


One thought on “Searching for My Voice

  1. Hope you will be better soon. On new year’s eve 2011 I came down with a cold and totally lost my voice. It was comical when I had to ring my parents to say Happy New Year, they couldn’t understand a word I was trying to say and they found it hilarious 🙂

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