Listings and the Unfortunate Baby Hat

I’ve been busy knitting and crocheting since I “lost” my voice.  I can’t answer the phone……..and I didn’t want to have clients here when I couldn’t communicate, so knitting it was!  I played with yarn and then some more yarn!

Toddlers Red Boa Like ScarfToddler scarf by StitchknitToddlers Pink Scarf by Stitchknit


Here’s 3 new little scarves for the toddler set.  Bright colors, great textures and the perfect size for those tiny fashionistas!  I have them listed here in my kids & baby section.



Here is what is supposed to be a baby hat.  It is so big it would fit OVER a football helmet.  Easily.  I was so in love with the way the stitch pattern turned a right angle, I had to finish it.  But, it is coming out.  Soon.

Baby Hat by StitchknitThe area where the needle still is…….is the back seam of the hat.  Which makes the bottom portion the neckband area of the hat.  The picture with the pattern looked SO cute.  This??  A long ways from cute!


A few of my other projects are not quite at the picture stage.

-A lovely pale blue & creme baby blanket, done on the diagonal….just waiting for a crocheted border.

-A lavender, pink, yellow baby blanket…..not quite big enough yet to finish off

-Off white silk crocheted Goddess Shawl.  Ends to weave in and a picture to figure out.  I should learn not to create things out of white, as I’m at a loss when it comes to how to get a decent picture.





4 thoughts on “Listings and the Unfortunate Baby Hat

  1. My very first thing that I ever tried to make from a pattern turned out looking nothing at all like the picture…and none of the pieces fit together, either. I’m sure that was my lack of skill, however.

    At least the hot pink is really cute! I’m sure that yarn will go on to a fabulous reincarnation as something adorable 🙂

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