Making Noise!

I have been voiceless since the first week of January……… when I discovered I could make some noise this week, it was cause for a minor celebration!   Noise does not translate into a speaking voice however.  And, I can’t just open my mouth and make noise on command.  Sometimes I still get nothing!  And, other times I sound like the calls from seals at the beach!  So, answering the phone is not on my list of skills yet.  (Thanks to Melinda and Rachell for helping with the phone chores!)

Since I’m just sitting quietly here…………I have been making headway on my knitting & sewing projects that were getting a bit backed up.

Goddess Shawl by Stitchknit

This is truly a white shawl, but I can’t get it to show up as white.  I’ve got a couple ends to weave in, and the picture problem to solve, then this should be listed in the shop.  The yarn is 100% silk…………the shawl is an Adult Small………..and it turned out to be a pretty bit of crocheting!





Corn Fiber Yarn at Stitchknit

One of the new yarns in the shop, see them all here in my supply section.  I have the same corn fiber yarn in a solid seafoam green and a deep charcoal gray.

I’m slowly adding vintage lace trims too…  Emphasis on slowly!




Since I’m just this week, starting to feel more like myself…….everything I do is done slowly.  And, in between doing most everything, I need to find a sit down job………….which is why I’m getting lots of knitting time in!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Making Noise!

  1. I’m glad to hear that you can at least squeak. Is it still too early for me to bring my yarn over (for the mitts) or are you ready? I suppose if you have questions, you would need your voice. No hurry… just let me know. You have 1,043 people who like you! That is AMAZING!!!! Bully for you!

    • Bring on the yarn! 🙂 I just can’t talk when I want to, and I don’t sound human if I can make noise!
      Just don’t call on the phone! Let’s set up a time on email…..

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