Whose Voice Did I Get?

Well, I can talk now.  But, I didn’t get my own voice back after my month long bout with laryngitis.  (wow, was it quiet around here)

I have enough of a voice I can even answer the phone!  Letting all the calls go to voice mail was getting tedious.  Being able to just answer, seems like a small thing, but wow, has it made life easier.  Maybe I’ll get used to this new voice of mine………….maybe my own voice will return???  Either way will be better than mute!

Since I can use the phone, and talk to clients………the calendar is filling up again.  I’ve got some fun projects to do, both sewing and knitting.  Classes to teach and new items to create.  What could be better?


I’ve been adding to my Etsy shop, since there was no talking required!  This is one of the stash buster yarns I listed recently……the sock yarn from Red heart, that has aloe infused into the yarn.  Great to knit with, and it works up into terrific socks too!  Since I can only wear 1 pair of socks at a time, and I have a FULL drawer of hand knit socks already…………I am thinning the sock yarn stash.

See this new listing here, in my supply section.




DSCN5482                                                                                                                                              This is one of the many items I worked on during January, a very chunky basket weave design which will likely end up being a cowl.  I’m hoping I can finish this off with just a seam, making it appropriate for either men or women.  It’s a rich dark navy, and worked up to be pretty soft.  The stack of items is going to keep me busy for awhile!  There is everything from a white cotton shrug to purple felted flowers and a couple cones of new yarn to play with too.

If all goes well this week, I’m going to start participating with a new team on Etsy.  The SNS for those in the know.  For the rest of us, it’s the Saturday Night Sale.   Starts Saturday evening and runs through 6AM Sunday.  My first task will be to figure out the times, as it is EST and I’m in the pacific standard time zone.  I guess it would help if I could remember when Saturday is too!  After having no appointments for a month, I’m out of practice keeping a schedule!  I’ve decided the Special at Stitchknit will be free shipping anywhere in the US.  More info to come, as I figure out what I’m doing!  🙂  Keep up on Twitter or Facebook, or here on the blog.

Best get to work, I’ll try to get some of these new things in the shop before Saturday!








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