Weighing Handmade & Supplies Here at Stitchknit

I started my little Etsy venture 2 years ago, with what I now know was NO information and a passion for knitting, crocheting & sewing.  I was having so much fun, I never thought of quitting, although the first year was an exercise in patience.  The learning curve felt like I was back in school!

Some of this hasn’t changed!  If there is time, I can learn something new each day.  The catch is……….making the time for creating new items, keeping up with the local shop here, and still having time to learn about how to get the word out about the Etsy shop.   This ‘catch’ is how the supply section was formed!  It takes weeks to make some handmade items in my shop, which I love, but I could see the shop wasn’t going to grow unless I cloned myself, or had a new idea!  Clearing out the studio here, AND adding to the shop…..now, that seemed like a perfect idea.

Here’s a couple of the newer additions to the shop….   Vogue patterns!  I’ve started to research the system (need a new word, I don’t think there is a real system for these) used to date sewing patterns.  I learned so much and have just scratched the surface here!  So fun learning about something you’re truly interested in!

Vogue Pattern                                vogue dress patternBoth of these are older Vogue designs. The one with the bar code is dated 1994, the other I can’t find a date on it anywhere.  Thinking 1980’s perhaps?  Both patterns have some wear on the envelopes, but the instruction sheets are factory folded and the pieces are uncut.  I listed these this week, in my supply section here. 

Bottom line……    I am loving both the ‘making’ and the hunt for supplies!  The things like patterns, fabric and yarn let me add to my shop while I’m busy working on a new knitted piece.

Working on getting stacks of vintage fabrics and yards of vintage trims laundered, photographed and ready to list in the shop!  Even if I add one item a day, it will be months before I get to the end of possibilities here!



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