That’s right, it’s quiet here at our place again.  After not being able to talk the entire month of January…………now, my mother is not talking.  Different reason…….more creative, a little more drama…

Apparently, mom was not feeling well the last couple days, but didn’t want to tell me.  Yesterday morning the first thing she said to me was that her jaw was so sore, she didn’t sleep.  She had some dental surgery in Dec, but this was on the other side.  Called her dentist, no answer…..left a message.   I’m thinking about the weekend, and really wanted to figure out what was wrong before we couldn’t get her in to see someone.  Called the oral surgeon.  They were in surgery all day……  but they would get back to me.

Knitting at the Beach

Surprise, they did get back, and we had an appt within the hour.  I had just enough time to run through the post office & ship an order, then we sat at the beach for a few minutes so we wouldn’t be way too early for her appt.        Ran mom to town and $180 & full Xrays later, the dentist told us there was nothing he could see that was wrong.


Knitting at the DentistI barely had time to get my knitting out here!    He suggested a soft diet, no chewing.    Packed up my knitting and back home we went.


Mom tried an ice pack when she got home……….hurt too much to put it to her face.  Called her primary doctor, she wasn’t in on Friday, no one else could see mom, so they sent us to the ER.  (told you there was more drama!)

I grabbed a bag full of knitting & off we went.  I’m thinking I just might finish this sock before we figure out what is wrong.  (sock #2, about a 1/2″ from the toe decreases)

At the ER

But, no. The sock will wait, as we are in the Rapid Assessment wing of our ER & they have come up with the diagnosis!  Any guesses?  I could have sat there all day & not come up with it.


Probably caused by arthritis in the jaw bone!  I can tell by looking at my mom, this is not what she wanted to hear.  She isn’t one to complain, she does things like go to the dentist & never uses Novocain, so I know her jaw really hurts!        I think she was hoping for something that came with a pill!   With Arthritis, there isn’t much we can do!  Ice, heat, Tylenol and a soft diet.

Oh, and no talking.  Zip.  Quiet time!


So, here we are, roles reversed.   I’m taking her calls, explaining why she can’t talk, and yes, she is going to be OK.    Seems like January all over again!

Shhhh………… talking!




4 thoughts on “Shhhhh

    • It is better knowing what is wrong…..Still don’t have much that I can do to make her feel better! I am enjoying the quiet…….and not having to really cook. Plenty in the freezer that is suitable for a soft diet.

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