My Socks Have Names

Yes, I name my socks.  No, not names like Sarah or Beth………     This lovely pair actually has two names.  But, first ……the ‘why’ my socks have names.

I love knitting socks and I always, always, always have a project bag with me, in my van.  Inside the bag, there is yarn, my trusty universal pattern and some teensy tiny size 0 needles.  I only work on these when I’m out & about, so socks can live in the van for years.

With my move to my moms, I’ve learned that 90 year olds have their share of  medical appointments!  Put all those waiting rooms together with a bag full of sock supplies and I am more than content waiting!  This current pair has been ‘on the needles’ for a couple years.   I cast on sock #1 of this hot pink pair way back………at least 2 years, when my moms twin had a hip replaced.  (lots of waiting room time)  So, sock #1 is Doris’ Hip…………..     And, I finished up sock #2 during this past week, due to my moms TMJ and multiple medical appointments.  Thus, Sock #2 is Moms Jaw!

Casting off Sock #2

Finishing off Sock #2 here, down to 8 stitches and almost that many needles!  (always a good conversation starter when in a waiting room!)

Finished Socks!

And, here they are Doris’ Hip and Moms Jaw, in all their pinkness!  They have been in 3 hospitals, 1 nursing home, multiple doctors offices, 2 dental clinics and a handful of assorted therapy offices.  Well traveled and I haven’t even put them on yet!  🙂


********************************    Walk softly………..Wear loud socks!   ************************************


5 thoughts on “My Socks Have Names

  1. oh wow, I love it! I especially love ‘walk softly, wear loud socks’ Awesome tagline.

    I started naming my clothes hangers – honestly, I am talking about the hangers the clothes go on in my wardrobe. They do each look different. And the different clothes visit the different hangers and spend time together. Its just more fun for me that way. Or else I need to up my dosage.

    • Naming hangers…. 🙂 I don’t feel so odd when I walk around in socks with names now! Actually, I don’t ever feel odd………..I just assume everyone else is!

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