10 Reasons Why I Knit

Saw this list in an email recently & thought I should be able to pin down why I knit ……….so here goes (in no special order)

1)  I love color and oh, my goodness is there a chance to play with color when one is knitting.

2)  Texture………..the chance to touch all the yarns!  Some I don’t even need to knit up, they are just yummy to touch!  Like the baby camel yarn in this cowl:

Luxury baby camel yarn.....too soft to describe well.

Luxury baby camel yarn…..too soft to describe well.

3)  Something I love to do, that I can share with others.  Teaching knitting is almost better than knitting itself!  And, people pay me for it!  🙂

4)  I have always wanted/needed something to do with my hands.  I truly dislike just sitting.  And, waiting is not my best skill……..but, give me needles & yarn and it is no longer considered waiting!  As a foster parent, I learned early on, to have projects with me at all times.  (much time spent in ER’s or an endless list of doctor, dentist & therapist appts)  Nothing worse than wasting time in someones’ waiting room, with out dated magazines!

5)  I love the magic of knitting.  After all, it is just 2 sticks and some string and a series of knots.  I am frequently in awe of the designs that come from arranging that same string into an actual ‘thing’.

6)  Knitting is one of those skills that has no end.  I believe one can always keep learning new techniques when it comes to this craft.

7)  Picking out a pair of socks for the day always reminds me why I love to knit!  There is just nothing like a hand knit pair of socks. Made to fit MY strange feet, made to stay up, not scrunch down in my shoes and made with as wild of a color combo as I choose!  My entire sock drawer is now filled with what I call “loud socks”.

Socks on DPN's8)  And, I have to admit, I love the wow factor when I knit on these little size zero needles!  Always a good conversation starter if I’m out knitting in public!  Then, of course I can point out my socks I’m wearing too…………for added effect!

9)  Knitting is something I learned from my mother & I love it for that reason too.  We still share knitting as a common interest!  Mom is a great one to bounce off tricky bits in a new pattern.  We find that just saying the sequence out loud to each other often times clears up any questions.  Having knitting as a bond between friends is great too, as they totally ‘get’ the need for all the yarn, tools and patterns one HAS to have on hand.  🙂

10)  I like the part of knitting that allows me to take something out, to re-do a section until I’m am content with how it looks.  Easy to substitute a different technique, or decide I’m not happy with the whole affair and unknit it back to a ball of yarn!  I have one finished piece here in the studio that I’m not happy with right now & am threatening to unknit it and start over.  Love the colors and the yarn, they just need to be knit into something allowing for more movement.

Why do you knit?  I’d love to know.




9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Knit

  1. I find knitting so soothing. Well, not always…. I have learning disabilities when it comes to lace… I love natural fibers & how they feel in my hands.

    • I totally left off the relaxing piece. Many people knit for that reason alone!

      I also forgot the whole brain exercise piece. Not the first thing I think of when I pick up my needles, but I sure think knitting is good for ones’ brain!

      Happy (relaxing) Knitting!

  2. My mother knitted and tried teaching me when I was younger, today at age 50 I have picked up the needles again….in a way it is a way for me to be with mom again who died over 30 yrs ago. I am enjoying learning to knit and the click click of the needles bring comfort after a stressful day!

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