It’s A New Sock Day

A pair for me!

A pair for me!

Not my usual wild socks, but these are great with jeans, which is my usual ‘outfit’ these days.  As you can see, I don’t take time to match up my yarn when starting on Sock #2.  I have never cared if the stripes match or not.

Another new thing here at Stitchknit…………the new graphics, and the new blog theme.  Neither of which were accomplished without much assistance!  I can knit socks, but things like this blog have me more than baffled.

Other projects in the studio:

–  Ready for Rachel to try on……..a knit hat.  Still looking for a pattern for the one she REALLY wants.

– Knit Christmas stockings: #1 (of 4) is on the needles, all the yarn has been located & purchased, so this project should be moving along now.  Pictures when I get passed the Santa face!  And, I’m taking care to write the pattern as I go…….it will also be available when I get one of these complete.

–  Knit headband with flower…….ready for Melinda to take a look at & ok……..

–  Knit sweater for American Girl Doll……….on the needles & due by 4/19.

I know there are more, but this is what I can see right at the moment.  This isn’t counting all the sewing jobs that are lined up either!

To work…………to work!

6 thoughts on “It’s A New Sock Day

    • Thanks J.G. I am still surprised when I log on. Thinking it’s not me at first! Still some more changes coming, hoping for a gallery where I can have a portfolio of sorts.

    • I’ll feel better too, when I’ve got the first one off the needles. I’ve been asked to copy this vintage stocking……..which I love! The original knitters notes are with the sample sock, but it is often pretty funny. She has rows, stitches, color changes sometimes……….and then she sticks in a sentence “copy sock here”. Like I said…….I’ll feel way better to have one of them done! Then, the other 3 should be easier as they go.

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